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This thrilling adventure allows them to experience the ride of a lifetime while getting a new perspective of the beautiful Boquete.

Tour de Canopy

Tour del Café Geisha

Tour de Puentes Colgantes

Tour de Observación de Aves

Tour de Té

Tour de Ron La Solera

4.5 kilometers in total length divided into 12 different zip line cables. You will glide through the trees and encounter a world unknown… a fascinating perspective of live that you’d never believed existed.

Come join Us at Rio Cristal Farm, located at 1,700 meters of altitude, where you will tour a Unique Plantation with different varieties of Fine Coffees.

Is your unique opportunity to enjoy a different perspective biodiversity of tropical cloud forest of Panama. It is a circuit 6 suspension bridges 4.5 km route over the treetops.

With the largest concentration of species anywhere in the world, birding tours have become extremely popular around Boquete.

More than a mysterious bag, it is history, culture, travel and ceremony … A new world to explore! We will know its origin, anatomy, growth, harvest and production processes.

Characteristic, type of distillation, alcoholic graduation, place of origin, bouquet, body, quality control, color, presentation, time and aging process of the Rum.

Tree Trek Boquete Adventure Park is located approximately 7 kilometers farther up Volcán Barú in Palo Alto. This location makes it close enough for tourists to enjoy the charm of Boquete, yet far enough away to savor all of the nature that make this area special. With a captivatingly rustic design, the resort knows how to pamper its guests, by offering elegant rooms filled with amenities.


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A tantalizing combination of rustic elegance awaits you in the fabulous Chiriqui Highlands.


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