Nature & Adventure

The important part of any exciting vacation is finding the perfect blend: elegance and simplicity, activities and leisure time, nature and opulence. Finding a place that can thrill all of the senses can be tricky, but Panama’s Tree Trek Boquete Adventure Park is just that type of place.

We offer a wide variety ...

Of activities and attractions for the delight of explorers and adventurers with an ecological spirit that assure you the best vacations full of fun and exciting experiences.

Tours & Activities

With incredible natural beauty and a varied terrain, this area is filled with things to do and see.


Our cabins offer views towards the foothills of the Barú Volcano and the rooms towards the forests allowing perfect relaxation.


The Río Cristal restaurant and its bar are the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant gastronomic experience.


The resort makes getting around in Boquete very easy, and it even offers transportation services to other great destinations in Panama as well.

Tourist destination for excellence ...

Tree Trek Boquete Adventure Park is a beautiful resort located approximately four miles, or seven kilometers, from the center of Boquete. This wonderful resort was built by local craftsmen and has a perfectly balance of simple elegance that makes it an ideal vacation retreat. The rustic exterior of the cabins here melts into deliciously elegant living areas with beautiful decorations and all of the amenities that a visitor could possibly want.


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