Transportation service available daily

Since many visitors to the resort take the bus or fly from Panama City or San Jose, Costa Rica, getting around can be difficult, especially for those who don’t speak Spanish. To accomodate its guests, Tree Trek Boquete Adventure Park offers transportation to the resort via its shuttle service.

This shuttle also makes daily trips to Boquete. Guests can “trek” to town if they like for shopping, exploring, and to enjoy the wide variety of restaurants found there. Then return to the resort via the direct shuttle from downtown Boquete.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Panama

The resort also offers bus trips to Bocas del Toro, giving guests access to the hottest beach destination in Panama. This direct shuttle service provided by Tree Trek Boquete Adventure Park is also available through other hotels in the area. This is the resort’s way of creating more fun for everyone who comes to the Chiriquí Highlands.

Contact us to schedule your transportation

Travel arrangements can be made in advance of a guest’s arrival by contacting the resort. Tree Trek Boquete Adventure Park offers transportation to help its guests and other visitors enjoy as much of Panama’s natural beauty as they can.

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